— feeling bad egg
Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater

Okay, from my rating you would probably think I hated this book to some degree. Before reading this book, I thought I would in fact hate it. I was surprised to find that it wasn't completely and totally awful! Yay!

But...I still didn't enjoy it. I can sum it up for you in a couple words, cheesy and boring.
The writing was pretty good and as I listened to this on audio book, I thought it was read quite well.
But I was zoning out often because it was just so darn boring. Shiver suffers from a serious case of insta-love. It's really weird, because it doesn't develop anywhere from that. It's just "Oh I saw you and I loved you" and then it goes nowhere. *eternal sigh*

There isn't much of a plot. Just the two main characters (whose names I've already forgotten) staring at each other and the occasional irrelevant dialogue from random side characters who...were they important? I can't remember. Okay, to be fair, there were moments where I went "Oh! Interesting!" but my interest never lasted long, and the particular sub plot would die out before I could get invested.

Overall, this was not awful. It had moments of charm within it's stale and lifeless plot. Unless you really, really, reaaaally like boring paranormal ya romance, I wouldn't recommend this one. I won't be continuing the series because I couldn't care less. Goodbye!