The Final Empire

— feeling confused
The Final Empire  - Brandon Sanderson

I feel very conflicted about this book.
I think Brandon Sanderson is an excellent writer but there was just some things missing in The Final Empire.
First of all, it took me waaaay to long to finish it. It was due back at the library so I had to wait a while to pick it up again.
Sanderson is obviously very good at writing action scenes - the climax was just. Wow. Leading up to it, I found the plot very slow moving. The world building and character development were pretty on point but it just felt...stale. Maybe because I've also read Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, and a lot of aspects were the same.
I finished the book feeling confused, mind-blown, and relieved that I was finally done.
All in all - I liked this book...?
I'm not sure I've ever felt so conflicted. I like the way it wrapped up, but I am curious about those loose threads. I think I'll have to give the next book a chance.