Arena One

Arena One - Morgan Rice

Well, that sucked.
I didn't like it right from the start, but still I kept on reading, hoping it would redeem itself. Infact, it just got worse.

First of all, the characters were unrelatable, boring, and they just HAPPENED to know how to do everything. And they all seemed immune to the injurys they recieved.(At one point Brooke got a huge piece of shrapnel straight through her arm -right out the other side- she just tied a bit of cloth on it, and it didn't bother her at all. Wha?) I even managed to forget the main characters name half-way through.

The plot was predictable and unrealistic. The worst was the car chase which went on for half the book. They crashed multiple times, but somehow always managed to get the car going again, even when it was completly flipped and smashed.

Lastly, it wasn't well written. Each chapter ended in a terrible attempt at cliffhanger, where instead of gripping the edge of my seat, I was facepalming. There were lots of unnecessary details,descriptions of every collapsed building an bridge,it felt like reading the same thing over and over. Basically, there was to much telling, and not enough showing.

It says on the back of the book:
"If you liked THE HUNGER GAMES, you will love ARENA ONE."
Umm, no. If you liked THG, chances are you will NOT like Arena One.